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Entry #4

Alright... who screwed up?

2010-05-28 15:18:57 by TruckinSilentWolf

Oh wait... it was me.

Ok so, i just thought maybe i'd post a few of the poems I had from my myspace and a few i been working on here lately. I'd like to know what some of ya think of them. Yea, sure some have references to wolves, but thats who i am. Here's the first one.


Though you do not know me,
I shall tell you a secret,
My world it turns so slowly,
I have many things i regret,
I never had many friends in my life,
and now you can see why,
for people get hurt near me,
and all I can do is cry,
as i hold this pistol near to me,
I put it to my head,
and just when things become clear to see,
my time is up, I'm already dead.


So let me know what you think. Sure, its suicide related but hey, alot of us go through this kinda shit and sometimes we over come it. Later.


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