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Oh wait... it was me.

Ok so, i just thought maybe i'd post a few of the poems I had from my myspace and a few i been working on here lately. I'd like to know what some of ya think of them. Yea, sure some have references to wolves, but thats who i am. Here's the first one.


Though you do not know me,
I shall tell you a secret,
My world it turns so slowly,
I have many things i regret,
I never had many friends in my life,
and now you can see why,
for people get hurt near me,
and all I can do is cry,
as i hold this pistol near to me,
I put it to my head,
and just when things become clear to see,
my time is up, I'm already dead.


So let me know what you think. Sure, its suicide related but hey, alot of us go through this kinda shit and sometimes we over come it. Later.

Terrible news

2010-03-29 01:41:37 by TruckinSilentWolf

Yea... as the title implies... i lost my grandpa on the 25th. He went peacefully. I never thought I could feel this alone. He was like my dad, considering my own father denied me as his son. He believed in me when no one else would and he was always encouraging me to do what I knew I could do, but now that he's gone... its going to be hard to believe in myself anymore. He was a great man, always as nice as could be. If he didn't like you he was never rude, he'd just not talk to you much. After 22 years of being around him, its just so weird and quiet without him. I'm sorry... I just had to get this off my chest before the next run. Later.

Alright, so some of the crap in the truck is goina be uploaded. It'll just take some time to scan it all.

Pics... trired of them laying in this folder.


2009-07-09 16:33:02 by TruckinSilentWolf

TruckinSilentWolf here,
So when i lay over in god only knows where at the end of each run i get bored and draw... i suck and i draw mostly vehicles. But neither the less i try. I mess with my guitar... i suck but i try none the less. So i was wondering, shouldith i post what i draw or should i just say F*** it and let these continue to pile up in my sleeper? and considering i haven't a way to record my sucking at my 6 string, i wont even go there with trying to post it. Im out.